Welcome to You are Full of It!

As the proud Mom of three sweet little people under the age of 3, I often hear “You sure got your hands full” almost daily and it would get so frustrating and irritating. I decided to make these words a welcomed thing to hear and decided to blog and encourage others to make the best of challenges they face too.

So what is your “It?”

This blog site has been created to look at our day-to-day life frustrations and things (or our “ITS”) that make us uniquely us and how these same frustrations can actually be our greatest blessings. Am I “Full” of it? I sure am and proud! I want you to be too!

So let’s turn our “Full of Its”  from frustrations to blessings…


Read my first blog post here!



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13 thoughts on “Welcome to You are Full of It!

  1. I like your blog ,it is very eye opener. can u refer me to other bloggers that write like u . I like reading blog . my favourite bloggers so far is u and Jean Gasho.

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