Purpose “full” Timing

It’s become our family tradition to go to a pumpkin patch every year. We are not big on Halloween, however who can resist Fall and all the activities that celebrate the season! It’s so beautiful with all the colors, the smells, and the cooler weather- or at least it is supposed to be cooler, we live in the south and it’s still 70+ degrees everyday(not complaining one bit)!

So now that Little C and M&M are getting older, they are starting to enjoy the outings and the treats we bring home every year more and more- the little pumpkins! They all proudly chose their special pumpkins this year. When we came home, Little C quickly went to her little kitchenette and found her toy pumpkin and placed it on the table with the pumpkins we brought home( so cute right!)

Our  Family “Pumpkins” 2016 Photo by Chantal

Our Family “Pumpkins” 2016. Photo by Chantal S.



Like most fruits and vegetables, pumpkins have to be picked at just the right time to be used for it’s intended purpose and to be at its peak flavor. These pumpkins were not sitting out in the beautifully displayed hay- lined walk ways with the big pumpkins – no, they were in special crates marked “Pie Pumpkins” and signficantly cheaper. I hear pumpkin pie is really good(I don’t like pie), but who doesn’t love desserts right or a good pumpkin latte!

Our lives and the choices we make are like picking fruit and vegetables- if picked when ripe and at its peak- the choices can be so rewarding and full of life. No matter how extravagant or expensive or visible the choices are, the timing is everything. We can not control everything that happens in our lives, however we can make a difference in the direction that we go by the choices we make. Can you imagine how a pumpkin pie or latte would taste if it was made from the sweet little plastic pumpkin Little C placed next to the real pumpkins ? It would taste awful! What if the same lattes and pies were made with the largest pumpkins? I am sure it would be good, but not the best you’ve ever had because the picking time was off.

Sometimes we pick our “its” too soon or too late. You and I are where we are at today in life because of the choices we “picked” yesterday, today, and even 10 years ago. I don’t know about you but I know that some of my “picks “were the best and some of the worst I have ever made because of timing. What I can say is that the greatest “picks” I have are when I waited patiently and trusted in the Lord’s perfect timing. The awesome thing is that tomorrow, God willing, you and I will have another chance to make a choice that can change the direction of our lives. Timing of our “picks” or choices is everything in order for them to be purposeful and at there full potential- at there peak.

“31 but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength… ” Isaiah 40:31

New International Version (NIV)

So is it time for your harvest? What’s your “it” that you choose today? Is it time to pick “it?”





6 thoughts on “Purpose “full” Timing

    1. Thank you! Yes! Me too girl, lol. The good thing about harvesting is that it has to happen and it occurs regularly! You are reaping what you’ve sown already so just imagine what your harvest will be when it’s time!!!


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