Giving “It” Back

Jamaica Missions Trip- Day 1

And we are off!!!! Goodbye USA and Hello Montego Bay!  I have the blessing of being able to go on my first missions trip. I never would have imagined this would be a possibility having 3 under 3, but it is!

I’m going with a non-profit I have the pleasure of being on board with,  Christian Family Adoption Aid(CFAA)and another non- profit CFAA is partnering up with called The Jamaica Project USA ! We will be helping to create a library and computer lab in a local school in the Salters Hill Community with the aid of Hilton Brand Hotels.

I have had a range of emotions(and emojis , I had to do it😂)leading up to this trip from disbelief, excitement, guilt about leaving my babies and hubby, shock, and everything else in between.


So, when my alarm clock went off this morning at 430 am I honestly did not know what my attitude would be like today , lol! If you know me, you have probably witnessed me cry at least once – hey, I’m a super sensitive girl, what can I say- I’m embracing it! I woke up refreshed, energized, and focused. I prayed to God and got this strong peace and was determined I was not going to operate in fear! I know my kids will be just fine without me, they will miss me and I them but they are in the best hands- their Fathers'( earthly and spiritual )! My husband gets the man of the year award for constantly supporting me as I pursue my “ITs” outside of being a wife and mom. I kissed my hubby and babies goodbye and of course we took some pics(forgot to get one with my hubby, funny how things change when you have kids lol).
Special shoutouts (old school right?!) to my circle of prayer warrior sister friends-you know who you are and I appreciate each of you dearly😘

I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back and help encourage others to see their worth and value in this world. Being with these women and their non-profits has shown me already that it doesn’t take much to make a huge impact, other than time, faith and action!

Mobay enterance from plane pic.png watermarked.png
Landing into Montego Bay, Jamaica for my first mission trip! October 2016. Photo Credit: Chantal S.




So what’s your “it?” What can you give of yourself that can make a difference? Everyone has something valuable within them that others would love to just have a piece of! It’s not being cocky, just confident so allow yourself and your “ITs” to shine…


Join me on my journey , as I document as often as I can, my travels and experiences serving communities in Jamaica and helping to spread how great God is through serving(excuse any typos, on the plane and on the go- sounds like a pretty good excuse right?!) Photos coming soon !❤️🇯A 🙋🏾





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