Jamaica Missions Trip- Day 1 1/2-2(update)

Yesterday was amazing! After flying in, we headed straight over to Higgins Land Primary School with Pastor Murphy and his friend Mark. The discussions in the car were so thought provoking and powerful. Things I took for granted like having a house to live in, cars to drive, a church to attend and the opportunity to travel. Things I realized I can grow in are being more grateful for what I have, not dumbing down the resources and insights I do have and doubting God .

Higgins Land Primary School is so cute and filled with love . It’s nestled in the lush green mountainside. It’s a few miles from Bob Marleys home at 9 mile. The school has fruit trees and is filled with positive quotes and affirmations.

Higgins Land Primary School Library is complete! Photo by Chantal S.
Chantal S. and Victoria M. serving with Christian Family Adoption Aid(CFAA) at Higgins Land Primary School with the Jamaica Project USA Photo by Chantal S.
Chantal S. and some of the sweet girls from the Higgins Land Primary School in Montego Bay Jamaica. Photo by Victoria M.
Higgins Land Primary School students in their new library. Photo by Chantal S.

The sense of community is so present and beautiful!



Residences surrounding Higgins Land Primary School. Photo by Chantal S.
Higgins Land Woodman. Photo by Chantal S.
Home in Higgins Land. Photo by Chantal S.
Higgins Land Mountain Tops. Photo by Chantal S.
Higgins Land Street Sign. Photo by Chantal S.
Goats in a Higgins Land soccer field. Photo by Chantal S.


The children are so excited about their new space and resources. Yesterday painting and shelving were completed. Unfortunately , we arrived after the painting was completed but were able to help with unloading boxes. It was raining but no one cared, we all were just so happy to serve. We arrived to the hotel later that evening. It is right on the beach (this feels so surreal ).

This morning I woke up at watched the sunrise over the ocean- there’s no more beautiful sight than this to me. I’m just so grateful to God for his creations and beauty. It amazes me every time I see the ocean how it spans for what seems like forever and then perfectly comes to a rolling stop… breathtaking.

Hilton Rose Hall room view. Photo by Chantal S.

So now we are off to finish the projects at the school!


Sidenote, it is cracking me up seeing goats, chickens, and dogs walk around like they own the place! The land is so green and lush, I would’nt mind walking around grazing either like a goat, ha!





2 thoughts on “Jamaica Missions Trip- Day 1 1/2-2(update)

  1. It looks like you are having a wonderful time! You shared such beautiful truths about being content. I can tell the people there are connected in a special way.


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