I Do IT!

Lately my 1 year old sons(22 months to be exact) most favorite phrase has been – “I do it!”

Going up the steps and we try to help-  ” I do it!”…

Helping them pick up food with their spoons-  “I do it!”…

Pushing them on the swing-  “I do it!”…

Changing their diapers- “I do it!”- Now this one, I will gladly hand over, especially after eating beans, ha!


cool bros pic watermarked.png
M & M- Our Double Blessings! Photo by D. S.


So needless to say, we are at the lovely point of toddlerhood where everyone is super independent, or so they think!  Seeing how determined and confident they are in themselves as they try to do the task at hand got me thinking though…

Imagine how many times we have said as adults, “I got this!” or “I can do this!” or “I don’t need anyone’s help!”

Sometimes we say it but have no idea what we are doing and other times, we know exactly what we are doing and really do have it, but with assistance it could be that much better. Like my sons, sometimes they succeed after trying repeatedly and other times they end of crying out of frustration and finally say “Help please!”

As a mom, it is the hardest thing to see my kids try so diligently to zip up their jackets, for example and getting so frustrated for several minutes, when I could easily just walk over and zip it up for them. But it would only benefit me and not allow them to try and learn the skill of operating a zipper. If I were to just step in, there would be some major screaming(believe me, we have had many of these situations as we are trying to leave the house and are already late…sigh) or I can allow them to try! So as I wait and watch, I gently guide them on how to do it and their response is much more positive and guess what, they are getting better at trying it!

With our “ITs” we can sometimes be so quick to tell people, “no, I got this!” or have the “I do it” mentality, when in fact in order for us to “do it” we need help.

When we first got the call about the twins from our adoption agency, so  many people asked me how they can help. I turned down many offers at first and then after a few days(more like, hours)… it got real! We had three babies under two, two newborns that were not the best sleepers to put it nicely, a house that needed cleaning, laundry that needed laundered, mouths that needed to be fed, and heck parents that needed to sleep! I had to accept help. I couldn’t “do it” all by myself when D was at work.

“Help please!”




My sweet babies feet. Our first year together as a family of 5 was hard but so worth it. The help we received from God, family, and friends made it so much easier. Photo by Chantal S.


Thankfully, the friends and family watching from a distance that I turned away, gladly came to rock a baby, feed a baby, fold clothes, bring us meals, send me an encouraging word, send us gift cards and clothes, and so many more blessings. There were also times when I would simply just pray or cry out to God (“Help Please!”) for the strength, wisdom, energy to accomplish what needed to be done and I was able to do it!


 “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13 New International Version (NIV)

Yes, I am sure that you can do your “IT” by yourself and that you are learning/doing so much, but just think about how much more you can accomplish when you allow someone to help you achieve your “IT!” Believe me, someone is watching and wants to help you! The opposite is true, if you see someone that needs help with “IT”, help them turn their greatest trials into their greatest blessing by being a blessing.

Like my sons, you can do anything you put your mind to, but your “ITs” can be greater and you can be stronger by allowing others to help that already have the skillset and knowledge that you are needing.

What’s your “IT?”  What’s their “IT?” Who can help your “IT” reach it’s greatest potential? Who can you help with their “IT? ” 

Your greatest trials can be your greatest blessings…










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