Real “IT”y Shows

I hate laundry…there I said it…whew, that was hard, ha!


My love/hate relationship with…duh duh duh…Laundry! Photo by Chantal S.


But in reality, it’s more like a love /hate relationship because it has to get done or nobody will want to be friends with us. Umm, there goes those Son-of-a guns…they stink! So, as I take a quick break from my 199 millionth load, I wanted to share my reality…

I remember when reality shows became popular. Everyone said, who would want to watch someone else live their lives? Well, obviously a lot of people, because reality shows are one of the most highly watched programs still today. People are curious as to how other people live, think, eat(like chicken), dress, and yes, do laundry!

In reality, I am not any more special or important than any other woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, or friend. Yes, we have 3 children under 3 but BIG DEAL! Back in the day, families consisted of 10 or more children and those mothers would look at me today like I am a light weight. Present day, there are parents that are raising their children alone or have special need children that require extremely more than my 3, of which I have the utmost respect.

In reality, I am still trying to figure out how to balance being a wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, and myself. Everyday I thank God for giving me a  “do over.”  A  “do over” from yelling at the kids at the end of a long day, a “do over” for not being the most supportive wife, a “do over” for beating myself up for not being the  “ideal” mother I think I should be, and on a lighter note, a “do over” for serving chicken again for dinner.

In reality, I am sometimes insecure….(ouch, this one is hard to admit). Insecure about if I am doing “it” right. If I am maximizing my potential(once I figure it out) or if I am doing “it” all wrong. Questioning whether or not I should have taught my kids a little bit more today so that they will be above average tomorrow. Or if I should have made roast beef?

Yep, this is me…this is my reality!

What also shows is the joy that I have inspite of all of my junk! I am able to “keep it moving” after I’ve had my pity party. I don’t allow my negatives to become my full reality, I allow them to motivate me. In life there has to be balance. I am perfectly imperfect, more like imperfectly imperfect, because I am that far away from being perfect- and that’s ok.

And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28New International Version (NIV)

When I look at my babies, I immediately see confidence in who they are! They are secure in knowing that they are our daughter and sons. They are confident that we love them. They have pure hearts. They are confident in knowing that they will eat dinner tonight(even if it is chicken, again). Seeing their confidence reassures me that being authentic and real is all that they need for me to be.God is using me and D, with all our imperfections, to raise confident and authentic children.


kids in leaves pic watermarked.png
Perfectly Imperfect- This is our reality! M, C, M- Fall 2016. Photo by Chantal S.

This is our reality…and it shows…and I am grateful for every bit, the good and the could- be- betters.

What’s your reality show? Are you content with your present reality? How can your imperfections be viewed as blessings?






5 thoughts on “Real “IT”y Shows

  1. I am content with life, yet only began to reach that point after dealing with a big health scare. And my imperfections keep me humble. 🙂 Oh, and we eat a lot of chicken…too! LOL! Thankfully there are lots of different variations.

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    1. Thank you for sharing. You’ve learned the secret Paul spoke of in Phillipians 4:12! It’s something when you realize it all can be taken away when you’re faced with something like a health scare. Perspective! You are an inspiration to me and a great example of being joy-filled!And yes,lol, I think we all struggle with what kind of chicken we will eat for dinner tonight.


  2. Ha! Love that pic with the laundry. My reality is mothering the boys, laundry (probably not near as much as you), constant house cleaning (there is always something on the floor), cooking, speech therapy sessions for Caleb, going to work every day, trying to keep in touch with old and new friends (it takes a lot of effort since I’m not on facebook, I have to really be intentional about it), and be a wife to Lou. Some days I tackle these things better than others, and for the other days Gods grace is sufficient. Even with all this I am so content. I am learning that contentment has nothing to do with what I have to do or what I don’t have to do, it’s knowing the God is for me and loves me!
    You and your family are such an inspiration and a modern day example of mustard seed faith. Whenever I see someone come out on the other side of a trial it increases my faith. I thank God for you guys!! Chris


    1. @heisformeblog- Laundry!!! We can’t live with it but we sure can’t live without it, lol! Isn’t it something how we can take the same situation and choose to be content or discontent? It all comes down to choice! God’s grace is sufficient and that is all we need. You my dear are truly a beautiful inspiration to me! Thank you for your encouragement and support 🙂 Love you lady!


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