Simplify “IT”

Why is it that it takes me like 2 hours to finally lay down and go to sleep, after I say ” I am going to bed?” Then my husband will literally say, “I am going to bed” and he does! I mean, he will get in the bed, close his eyes, and he goes straight to sleep (can you tell that it doesn’t bother me?!? Just a smidge! ) Oh the life!

Meanwhile, I am putting away that last bit of clothes, checking on the kids one last time, washing my face(on a good day), reading one last chapter, and just when I lay my head down, oh shoot, I forgot to go pee!



When you think about it, the act of sleeping is truly one of the most simplest tasks that we can do as human beings.  Get in bed. Lay down. Close eyes. Sleep. Wake up. New day. That is how our bodies are intended to function, but yet we (me included) have to make this so complicated. Somewhere in between get in bed and sleep, our minds seem to decide that they want to party like it’s 1999!

Oh, there are those of you that suffer from medical conditions…but the majority of us suffer from other conditions called stress and worry. It can be small worries like… Did I turn off the oven? Did I lock the door? Did I respond to that last text? Did I plug my phone? Do I really need to pee, again?!?!  Or heavier stressors like…  How am I going to pay this bill? I haven’t heard from my child in a few weeks? Is my sick baby ever going to recover? How am I going to live on without my loved one that just passed away?

Sound familiar?

It all comes down to simplicity. We over think way too much. We over think WAY TOO MUCH! We stress about things that are not even relevant or that haven’t even happened and probably won’t happen.

This last year has been one heck of a ride for us as a family. We literally doubled are family from three to five people, made the hard decision to sell our home to become more financially stable, moved into a rental in a completely different neighborhood with way less space, went from a cute little VW Jetta to a freaking Mini-V( I refuse to call it a Mini- Van…sigh), I became a full-time stay-at home-mom,  my mom moved out-of-state, one of my best friends moved to the other part of the country, and our beloved grandmother passed away… it’s been quite a year.

Through it all, I have been blessed with the clear perspective of simplicity. It has been so freeing having less, worrying about less, taking care of less, and being able to appreciate the little things in life. Losing a loved one and having people move that were such a huge part of our lives really showed us how blessed we are to be alive and to have one another. The other stuff is literally just stuff and it just doesn’t matter.

Even though I miss that cute little VW, it didn’t love me back. Even though I miss our old house that we had so many memories in, it didn’t call me Mommy. Even though I miss working and being in my career field, it didn’t allow me to be present for every single moment of my children’s lives, which has been… Simply. The. Best.

Blume Photo Shoot Sept 2016 -2.jpg
Our  2016 Family Photo. Photo by Blume Photography.


 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21 


So, as I sit and watch my husband sleep on the couch oh so peacefully and quietly snoring, it is a great reminder to just kiss…keep it simple … JUST K.I.S.S! (Keep it Simple Smarty/Sexy/Silly/Slick or any other great “S”  words (because I refuse to call myself stupid!) )


What areas in your life do you need to K.I.S.S? What areas in your life do you need to simplify? Will it bring you closer to your purpose, your “IT?” Will simplifying bring you closer to your family, yourself, your friends, God?







8 thoughts on “Simplify “IT”

  1. Love this! My hubby falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow too. Ahhhh!!! But honestly, I loved the way you turned all of your experiences over the past year into positives. God definitely has His hand of blessings over our precious families. I definitely need to K.I.S.S. certain areas of my life as well!

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  2. @What’s one more?- Oh yes! It seems like the greatest sleep EVER! Lol! Thanks so much. Our attitude about things can literally make or break us. We all go through stuff but it’s how we handle it that makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for reading and for your support! God is the main reason for the ability to keep a smile on my face daily inspite of it all! Yes, we are definitely blessed my friend!


    1. @heisformeblog- Sleep, what?!? Lol! As I respond at 1:53 AM. It really is amazing how well we can function without much sleep, right!

      The older I get and the closer I get to God, the more I realize my attitude and perspective makes all the difference in the world! We are so richly blessed beyond measure!


  3. You have a beautiful family…
    And don’t worry about the sleep!!you’ll get plenty when your kids grow up a bit!!! they’ll look out for so much stuff to help you. I know because that’s what my kids do. They HELP me and make my life amazing.

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