gratitudeHave you ever had moments in your life when you are the most ungrateful son of a gun! I mean, you just complain about any and everything and complain about the complaint. Well sorry for ya… haha!

No, seriously, I find myself having these moments lately, more often than I’d like to admit. So as I sit here and write in Microsoft Word because I am without internet access, in the midst of a thunderstorm, with no electricity…I will declare my gratitude!


poop-emojiI am grateful that my three -year-old daughter thinks that this emoji(poop) is Chocolate Cake and that every time she sees me using this little picture that sums up so much, she tells me “Happy Birthday” and then asks if she can have some real Chocolate Cake. Now that is a different spin on making lemonade out of lemons! Oh, yeah, it’s been that kind of a week…but I am grateful.

I am grateful for waking up this morning, there are many that cannot say the same…

I am grateful that I have a home to live in that shelters me from the cold and rain…

I am grateful for running water and electricity that allows me to wash and dry my clothes and clean up all those lovely “chocolate cakes” when we get a visit from Mr. Stomach Bug…

I am grateful that I am a wife to my husband. When we were dating I used to dream about being able to eat, sleep, and just breathe around him all the time and now it’s funny, sometimes, I have moments when I don’t want to even be around him (don’t judge me, just keeping it real :/ ) and there are times when he probably feels the same about me.

I am grateful that I get to hear my kids say “Mom’ or “Mommy,” one hundred times a day and with the same breath, tell me that they love me. I am grateful that I get to see my children laughing, crying, smiling, playing with each other, and chasing me around the house when they want a cookie. I am grateful that I get to feel my babies little fingers pat my neck and back when I give them a hug, and feel their precious lips on my cheek when they give me kisses. A little over 3 years ago if it weren’t for God and adoption, this would have just been a dream…

I am grateful for the rain and thunderstorm because it’s relaxing.

I am grateful for the electricity going out because it is forcing me to sit with my thoughts and motivated me to write this post. (I may also add, I am grateful that the electricity has resumed by the time I finished writing this post! Total first world problems, gesh… )


Not sure about you but for me, it is so easy to get caught up in those moments, days, weeks, even years when it seems that nothing is going right and you are not hearing from God. But if we just stop, take a moment and look at our situation differently, there likely is something that we can say or see that is a blessing. Huh, you know what, I am grateful for this or that or it!

We all have been called to do something and sometimes while we are in the midst of operating in “IT” we can quickly lose sight of the why’s.

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. His love endures forever. Psalm 136:1

This morning, a friend of mine shared a sermon from Pastor Joel Olsteen whose message was about the burdens of blessings. She sent it right on time. I had just yelled at my kiddos for the hundredth time this morning and it wasn’t even noon. I was feeling bad, told the kids sorry, and prayed to God to give me peace and show me a different way. My phone dinged shortly after and it was the video she shared via text. The sermon really made me stop and reflect on what I have and where I am at in life and I am hoping that you can take some time after reading this to reflect on yours too.

Is life peachy and full of roses? No, and thank goodness because roses actually stink to me! Is life sour and does it just suck, no. Lemonade is pretty awesome. My life is full of poop emoji’s, laughter, three little kids that keep me on my toes and my heart so full, a husband that is amazing, piles of laundry, moments of pure insanity and moments of pure beauty, faith, great friends, love, Lysol spray and wipes, and chocolate cake!


Have you taken your life for granted lately? Do you need more “Happy birthday” and Chocolate Cake moments? Take a different look at your life, where you were compared to where you are now versus where you want to be. How’s the view?




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