Peace It Together

It has come to this…imageswavjjjqk

Oh, what’s that? Just a bunch of cute little Easter eggs, you say! Well, I do like a great Easter craft however this my friends is not what this picture is all about…

It all began on a sunny winter day  when this Mommy was feeling pretty great about herself for getting everyone dressed, fed, and loaded in the Mini-V and arriving to the library for story time with 3 minutes to spare…YES! We did it! We didn’t have to deal with many tantrums leading up to leaving and the kids even said, “Mommy, we are being patient.” I should have known then that something was up.

Oh something was up alright, my youngest twin’s testosterone. As the sweet librarian was handing out these creative plastic Easter eggs ,that probably have coffee beans or rice in them to create shakers, all of my kids run up to participate. So I guess the second M of the dynamic duo M&M twins, was feeling a little risky.

He looked at me.

I looked at him. (Just imagine one of those great Westerns).

In what felt like slow motion I said, “Don’t. You. Throw. That. At. Me…” He gave me one of those smiles that said, “it’s going down!” Needless to say, he threw it. My eyes probably looked like a cuckoo clock striking the next hour. DING! There literally was a gasp  by all the other momsimages as this cute and innocent little boy hurled this Easter egg shaker at my forehead as if I had a bullseye target. In a surprisingly calm(and probably scary) voice through gritted teeth, I told him to come here and sit down. No Easter egg shaker for YOU! I will never look at those Easter eggs the same again…it’s just a shame! I should probably  have my son booked with an agent soon to play Major League Baseball because he was right on point!

Oh, it’s ok to laugh, it’s funny now. I was PISSED then! So much so, one of the moms that I have been getting to know asked “Are you ok?!” She must have saw my eye twitching while I was trying to hold it together while we sang “Wheels on the Bus.” I can understand if she may not want to be my friend now. Another one bites the dust, no actually my forehead did.

It wasn’t even noon yet…

So as if this day couldn’t get any worse, which I am learning that it always can get worse, my double blessings (as I smile and shake my head) decided that they wanted to eat the “paper” hanging from their windows during “naptime.” That “paper” is actually the blinds…sigh.

They were chewing away and almost convinced me that it really did taste good. I was double PISSED at this point. M&M’s sister wanted to join the “Piss Mommy-off Club” this week too by very proudly pushing her plate off the table at dinner time and then crossing her arms because “I don’t like chicken!” At least the boys will eat anything I cook because if you can eat blinds, then you literally must be able to eat anything. What can taste better than the blinds, right?

My goal is to always try to see the blessing in every situation, even the situations that seem to stir up my frustrations, or in this case different levels of Piss-dom(yes, I made this word up!) After all, that’s what the basis of this blog is all about, right!?! I struggled you guys, I really did with finding the blessing in all of my toddlers shenanigans…


I also tried to see the blessings in my kids deciding to dress their stuffed animals with all of Little C’s PJ’s, socks, and undies one morning this week. These were some of the very few items that I actually had time to fold and put away, it really is rare these days. You all know how I feel about my other child,  laundry!

Then this morning, I woke up to this Bible scripture text through my YouVersion App: “Work at living in peace with everyone, and work at living a holy life, for those who are not holy will not see the Lord. ” Hebrews 12:14

Lightbulb moment. imageslpqoi05l

I want to have peace in my home and with my kids.

My kids are the blessing.

I really want to see the Lord.

There had been less peace this week than I would like between the kids and I during most of the day. I know, I know, they are toddlers. Which explains why there was so much resistance all week. They are trying to learn independence, how to manage their range of emotions, and trying to figure out how to convey to me all of this with their little 2 and 3 year old minds! Does it justify all of their foolish behavior, no but it gives me a reference point and does help me realize I am not totally crazy.


To be honest I have “toddler moments” more often than I’d like to admit. I mean throwing eggs-pushing my plate- falling out on the floor-  eating the blinds kind of moments. Not pretty. Not. Pretty. But despite my behaviors, my attempts to control and take over, my stubbornness, God still loves me and is at peace with me and Is peace for me. The scripture above states to “work at living a holy life,” not that you have to have a holy life. It’s a process. Just like my sweet(most of the time) toddlers, I am still learning  and developing my  dependence on the Lord and how to trust what He is saying and doing is what I need, even if it is not always what I want.

I know there will be seasons where peace with everyone is a stretch, however I am willing to keep working at it, along with living a holy life. In the meantime with my babies, we will help create peace with a little good old fashion positive reinforcement(aka bribing)…you can never go wrong with stickers and cookies!



How much work are you putting in to live in peace with everyone? How much work are you putting in to live a holy life? Something tells me that this will be jobs we can never quit until the day our lives on this Earth come to an end. Let’s make it a full-time job that we strive to be promoted in on a regular basis!








12 thoughts on “Peace It Together

  1. Lol!!! Hilarious. We don’t even do story time at the library with Temi at this point because it’s just me running behind him and all the other moms just staring at me. Soon he will be old enough to sit through an entire story and we will go Living in peace with others is not too much of a struggle…it’s the living in peace with myself that’s a daily fight, I put way too many unrealistic expectations on myself and try to tackle to many tasks. I’m learning to give myself a break and give myself the grace that I give to others. Great post and soooo funny! Your writing is awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

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