Cond(it)ioner [Condition-Her]


Who doesn’t love a great conditioner?

I am one of those gals that runs through conditioner like milk. Our family goes through a lot of milk by the way. Like a half-gallon a day…I know, it’s a lot. We probably should consider buying a cow.

Anyway, before kids, I would even use milk as a conditioner, along with honey, banana, avocado, eggs, mayonnaise, coconut oil, olive oil…and you might as well throw in the kitchen sink.

Those were the days(in my Archie Bunker voice). Nowadays, I am lucky to just be able to afford these items to feed my kids let alone put it my hair, ha!


The function of conditioner is to detangle, smooth, restore, and protect your hair after it’s in it’s most fragile state- freshly shampooed hair. Shampoo strips away everything, the dirt and bacteria as well as the natural oils and moisture needed to maintain the health and length of your hair.

Who doesn’t want a great head of hair!

Are you still with me? As much as I love talking about hair ,this post is not about how to maintain your hair(I’ll save this for another post!) I am going somewhere with this, I promise…


The word “Condition” is a verb, an action. It means “to bring something into the desired state for use; to have a significant influence on something; or to set prior requirements on something before it can occur.”(according to

Think back to all the situations and moments in life that you have had and you wondered why is this happening to me? Did you ever stop to wonder if it is because you were being prepped by God for what was to come?

Before my kiddos, I was super impatient. I had a hard time waiting for just about anything. Just ask my husband, when it came to taking out the trash. It went a little something like this…

Me: “D, can you take out the trash?”

D: “Ok.” And then he would just sit there and continue to watch t.v.

Me: “Ummm…can you do it now please.” Five minutes later.

D: “Oh, I thought you just wanted me to take it out.”

So after 11 years of marriage, we finally figured out how to eliminate this scenario. I just don’t ask, ha! But seriously, having 3 children 3 and under has taught me a great deal regarding patience.

Potty-training twin boys=patience.

Being a referee for 3 toddlers fussing over the same toy, even though there are 3 of the same exact toy=a heck of a lot of patience.

Having a 3 year old daughter that is as sassy as she is smart and cute, and she is very smart and super cute by the way= Help -me- Jesus- levels of patience!


Little did I know that God was working on my patience well before my sweet babies. Actually my patience was being conditioned while waiting for my babies. Infertility and Adoption gives patience a whole new meaning, trust me.

God has been “conditioning” me my whole life leading up to this season that I am in life. He has been my conditioner so that I can condition-her(me). God’s reasoning for all the trials, challenges, life lessons, my “IT’s” have been to detangle, restore, smooth, and protect me from those “shampoo/come clean” fragile moments in life that try to strip you of happiness, joy, and peace.

God truly is the best conditioner a person can ever have or use!

When I was 14, my biological father passed away. Within a 4-6 year time span surrounding his passing, I had more family members than I’d like to count pass away too, including one of my closest uncles and my grandmother. I was so numb and didn’t really allow myself to grieve. I didn’t really know what that was at such a young age.

Oh, but grief knocked on my doorstep again to remind me of it’s sting! A few years after all the deaths in my family, grief showed up in the hardest way it could…the death of my womb. It was then that I was forced to grieve every thing. This was the hardest “conditioning drill” that I had to experience. But, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…and because of God, I am a Mom of 3.nelson-mandela-quote

Like freshly washed hair, I had some things in my life that were removed from me but I needed to replenish what was lost. And much like conditioner, only God can truly restore, replace, and rejuvenate what was lost and make things better.romans828-wallpaper

The hardest and most frustrating things in life that we go through are not easy and are not fair but man, what an amazing testimony it is( or will be) when we see how those same things you were stripped of got you to an area of blessings!

 What shape is your “hair” in after all those shampoos? Are you ready for a deep-condition? What is God conditioning you for?






6 thoughts on “Cond(it)ioner [Condition-Her]

  1. Ahhh, that Holy Spirit conditioner. I have been conditioned and continue being conditioned on a daily basis. I thank God for it. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s necessary in order for me to be who God says I am. Also, you should definitely do posts about hair!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @heisformeblog- Yes, yes, and yes. You said it all!The Holy Spirit is such a beautiful gift from God. It is a hard journey being conditioned but so worth it. Umm…thinking about the hair post lol. Thank you for your support 💕


  2. This is so true!!! I can’t say I love to be conditioned, but I do like to be conditioned by God. He has the right formulation for my life’s needs! In fact, it is tailored to me like my moisturizing conditioner is for my hair. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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