Emit the Limits

I have been having some “ah-ha” lightbulb moments that have been feeling the way I suppose my toddlers feel sometimes when we say it’s time to go to bed.

I love my babies and love their little bedtime cuddles.Even though they are aware of the routine, it’s still something about the actual idea of going to bed that really messes with them for about 5 minutes. I guess they realize that what we say we actually mean(who woulda thought!) and that they may miss out on something. This happens almost everyday. You’d think this would be something that they would be used to and look forward to. Most days…nope. Ha!

Today my lightbulb moment was more like a lamp without a shade turned on when you are just waking up. It was right in my face!

“You act the same way” I heard. Huhrr? (in my Scooby Doo voice) .

What I was hearing is that God was letting me know that He does  things in my life for a reason at specific times. He is preparing me for what is to come. He’s causing me to take a break, be still, and get rest. I have failed to realize that I have been having those “I don’t want to go to bed” moments because of situations  or things that I did not want to do even though I know the routine and that it is for my betterment.

Who wants to be in a box? Who wants to be told what to do? That’s no fun, right! It can actually change your destiny though, if we let God have His way.


What God was showing me is that I have been putting Him in a box, limiting Him by trying to do what I want to do and not trusting in Him, in His timing and His plans. He showed me that yes, there are limits for my better good. Limits are the protection that you need while you are in certain seasons of your life so that you don’t go ahead of what God has in store for you and so that you fully trust in Him.


Last summer our finances were a little tight as we were going through some life adjustments. Me and all of my “wisdom” tried to take matters into my own hands because God has better things to do, right? So, I signed up to give plasma. There’s nothing wrong with plasma donation however for me, I was not sitting still and trusting that God would provide, like He said He would. Each time I went to the office, from the very beginning, something would be off or just not go right. But I would not listen or would ignore the signs that God was trying to give me. Against God’s will, I kept going. After the third or fourth time, as I was sitting in the chair finishing up, I heard “this will be your last time donating plasma.” I sort of brushed it off. I got in the car, ate a snack and drank some juice to replenish and rehydrate what I had lost like I always did, as we drove to the park to play with the kids. It was the perfect day, nice, sunny, and warm.

Next thing I know, I am laying out on the woodchips with a crowd of people around me. My husband is calling my name and trying to keep an eye on the kids. I get up and then next thing I know I am on the ground again, this time in a different spot. I passed out twice. My disobedience and stubbornness had led me to this point. The look on D’s face alone was enough to break me. He was terrified and you could tell  he had no idea what to do. My impatience and lack of faith literally knocked me to the ground.


Shortly after, we fully surrendered our finances, our family, and the season that we were in to God and so many things began to change for the better.

Just like going to bed and being obedient, boxes serve as function. It’s what you do with the box that can help you or it can be completely useless.

If a box is flattened, you can’t put anything in it. In the same light, when we think of a box, we think of 4 corners, 4 sides and that’s it. But if that box, or your season is folded, turned, straightened, or even multiplied into 3-D, the perspective of that boxes’ usefulness will be very different even though it is the same structure.



Sometimes we have expectations and things that we want to go our way. We get upset or try to emit the limits when our expectations are not fulfilled, however when we do this we are not fully relying on God. We are actually putting God in a box and are limiting Him. Remove the limits you have on God. Trust where God has you right now. He has your best interest in mind. Let’s take God out of the box, it will open up a whole new life for you and I.








14 thoughts on “Emit the Limits

  1. It is definitely hard to learn things the hard way! Ouch! I have definitely had my ouch moments! Thank you for your transparency, and it is awesome what you learned through your experience.

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  2. Great post! You know I can really see you writing a book soon :).
    Yes, wanting things to go my way during difficult seasons or wanting to get out of the season as soon as possible is a struggle for me. Even though in my heart I know He works all things together for our good and I have seen God come through countless times, I still don’t like to go through difficult seasons. While in the midst of the season all I want to do is get out of it. One of my difficult seasons I feel I’ve been in to long is Caleb’s speech, now Caleb is not one bit worried about his speech, it’s me his momma. Although he is doing well and improving each day, it’s not fast enough for me. I want him to be done with speech therapy, I want him to pronounce all his words correctly, I want him to be on the same level with his speech as other 3 almost 4 years old. I’ve been putting this situation in a box, even though I know that God’s got it. Like you I had a “ah-ha” lightbulb moment when the Lord dropped in my spirit that this will be a testimony that Caleb will use. I don’t yet know what purpose/plan God has for Caleb or how God will use Caleb, but what I do know is that it is good according to Jeremiah 29:11. So I had to also release Caleb’s speech delay to God and not limit Him with my wants, expectations, or even unbelief. Again great post, and you are right, He does have our best interest in mind!

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    1. Wow! Thank you for sharing. It’s so easy to get frustrated or just ready to move on, but God! You are right, God has shown Himself countless times but it’s like we have to learn all over again how to fully trust Him. I will be praying and believing in faith with you that Caleb will met and exceed any and all expectations! He is a very special little boy and I know that God has great plans for him. Thanks for always reading and for all of your support. I look forward to growing with you in our walk with the Lord.


  3. This speaks to me, and thanks for finding my blog first, so I could find yours 🙂 My husband got out of the Air Force, and we are adjusting to a new financial situation, the budget is tight. I actually saved a clip of the newspaper with the donate plasma, though I haven’t felt the desire to go out and do so.

    I do feel God helping me with my budget, coupons, discounts, etc. I prayed over the apartment we are living in, the doors, windows, even floor, that He would reign as head of the household. Guide my husband, and guide me. I don’t want to be so far ahead that I can’t see what He is doing for us daily. Each day is sufficient as He says, so I’m working on trusting Him in each moment, and day 🙂

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    1. Aww bless you! Your words were a great reminder for me to just be content and grateful for every season we are in. Thank you for that reminder of praying over every inch of your home and for guidance. Yes! Yes! Yes! God just wants us to rely completely in and on Him. Hoping this is a season of joy and beauty for you as you get closer to our Father. Blessings and thanks so much for reading 😊Looking forward to more of your posts.

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