Fitbit Faith

Fitbit FaITh

Last year I ran my first 5k. It was awesome. Well, the truth is I had a love/hate relationship with the running, I am not going to lie!  I didn’t know how I was going to fit it in while raising 3 under 3, but some how I did. And I finished!  The even more shocking part was that I said “yes” to running a 5k when I barely could run 5 minutes initially. It sucked because when I was in high school and early-20’s I could run all day long and was in amazing shape. Thanks to hormones, age, chocolate, and pure laziness- I had to start all over again.

And start all over again I did! I did a trial run to see what my stamina level was and I literally could only run for 2 minutes straight. I knew I had to do this step-by-step.

But with the help of a free training coach offered through a program called “From Couch to 5k,” a group of other people like me in the same program, some good music, support from great friends and family, and faith( a lot of it!)- I ran 2 miles over the standard 3.1 miles that a 5k makes up(yep there’s a story behind this ,more on this later ).

So the other day I was looking at my pedometer tracker on my phone to see how many steps I obtained that day. It dawned on me that it literally only takes one step at a time to either walk a mile or run 5 miles. The more steps you take, the more stamina you build, and the better off you will be.

What if we had a something similar to a Fitbit(R) for our Faith?!?!

Faith is so similar to preparing for a 5K, a marathon, or the most important race of your life: your life! Like my preparation for running my 5K successfully(in my eyes, I finished the race running so it was a success!), you need to take it step-by-step.

My car starting everyday when it’s time to go to work…faith.

Depending on your alarm clock to go off at the time you set it for in the morning(and not in the PM, like I may or may not have done too many times to count :/ )…faith.

When you go to swipe your bank card to make a purchase…faith.

These are all examples of “little” faith. But guess, what, just like my 5k training, that’s all you need, just a “little.” Have you seen the size of a mustard seed lately?!


As D and I were going through our infertility struggles and deciding how we were going to grow our family via adoption, we realized we were going to need a lot of faith. But it wasn’t that easy. I’d like to say that we had unlimited amounts of faith, yet we did not. I honestly don’t even know if a mustard seed would justify how small are faith was at times during our adoption journey, however we had enough to propel us until the next day…and that is all God required of us.

Our life experiences that require faith are like the training drills that I did to prep for “D-day,” my 5k race. One day I ran 2 minutes, then next 3 minutes, and kept increasing the amount of time I ran until I could run the entire race. It was a process and I trained for it for 2 months, even when we took a family vacation to the beach.

If you just have a little faith now, use that to propel you to the next level of faith that you need. If you don’t, God will! One way or the other, you will have to go through a test, so why not train for it.

Matt 1720 FAITH4 years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be a mother to 3 sweet little toddlers. With our almost-mustard seed sized faith, we saved funds, fundraised, applied for grants and believed that we would be parents by 2013! Welp, a month and a half shy of 2014, we were the parents to the cutest little mustard seed, our baby girl. Because we had just enough faith to move the mountain of becoming parents via adoption, regardless of the cost, that mustard seed planted and began to grow. So when we were called about our baby boys out of the blue(literally) 13 months later, we were shocked but knew that God would move this mountain too. What took us almost 3 years to financially prepare for our daughter’s adoption, took less than a little over a month! Now that is faith!

Though we may not carry a little cute pedometer that measures our faith or have a stylish wristband that tells us to take 5,000 more steps today, we all have a little “faith-bit” inside of us all. When those mountains or those “ITs” seem unshakeable or immovable, dig deep and recall the last time you were able to move a mountain. I guarantee that when you do, that mountain in front of you won’t look so big after all.

Now back to my 5k! So on the day of the race, as I was running, I was in a groove. I got down to the last mile and I literally could not breathe. My trainer asked us prior to the race, what she could say to keep us going and motivated. I told her Philippians 4:13, ” I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.” So when she saw me grasping for air and holding my chest, she said, “take a deep breathe and remember Philippians 4:13!” Like Forrest Gump, “I was running…” I took off and felt this weight lifted off me that I can not explain. I was feeling so good, I missed my turn around point and thus ran an additional 2 miles to complete the race. Everyone looked so worried as I was running to the finish line and I had no clue why! I was in the middle of the pack and was doing really well and ended up finishing second to last. I knew what God had done! He was showing me that when I get stuck or fearful, to “take a deep breath and believe that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen me!”


When something comes up that feels like a mountain that I can’t bare or move, I remember that day I ran a 5k+2miles and think to myself, I got this because God is with me and will strengthen me. So I keep moving and pressing forward and I know God will take care of the rest. This is not easy and some days I fail, but like that 5k, I take it one step at a time.


We all have moments when we feel like our “It” is impossible, but with God, literally ALL things are possible. Just take a look at my picture above with me running with my three babies as living proof. Nothing is impossible with God! Get your running shoes on, get off that couch, and take the next step, no matter how small it is towards your “it!” You have already planted the seed, now watch your faith grow! You will need to eat from that faith-tree eventually.



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