Between the Circuits

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A couple weeks ago, I got woken up at 6:30 AM, by my husband(usually it’s one of my sons, can a girl get some sleep around here, lol) saying that his car wasn’t starting during one of Georgia’s deep freezes. We both assumed that it wasn’t working due to the battery and the frigid weather. We just replaced the battery less than a month ago so we figured it just needed a jumpstart. So I threw on whatever clothes I could find and we headed out, in the deep freeze, connected the jumper cables to the mini-V and… nothing.


After the thaw out, we were finally able to get a tow truck to take our car to the shop.  It was indeed the battery, which is common but what the mechanic told us really resonated with me. We were told that this brand new battery was too strong… Wait, what!

How can a battery be too strong? The mechanic said that if the battery is too strong it can impact the starter which led to our car completely shutting down.

Yep, that’s right..Too strong…can lead to complete shut down… I have never heard of such either!

A battery has a positive and negative setting, which creates balance between the electronic circuits. Life sure has positive and negatives throughout it’s entirety. Red is the positive charge(like that of the blood of Jesus) and Black is the negative(like the darkness of our sins). According to, “Never connect the red cable to the negative battery terminal or a vehicle with a dead battery.”

Dead batteries can be jumpstarted depending on the strength of the other battery and the connection. Life can be recharged and strengthened again by connecting yourself with the right charge.

A battery can lose it’s life and charge and has to be replaced after being used. Life can be so draining that if we don’t take the time to rest, we will lose our charge.

A battery that is too strong can lead to complete shutdown because it doesn’t align with the functioning of the car. Life can be cut short if we are constantly running and never taking the time to care for ourselves, our spirits, or spend time with those around us.

In the mist of a deep freeze and a winter storm, this “brand new” battery shut down.

Sound familiar?

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How many times in our lives do we face storms and just want to shut down, close our eyes and hope it all goes away? How many times do we run ourselves into the ground until we get burnout? Even if it’s for good? Even if it’s for God? When we are running on only positive or negative charges, our drive will become too strong, to the detriment of our bodies, minds, spirits, and relationships. The point here is we need balance, we need rest, we need to connect ourselves to positive charges(or changes).

When a battery dies, sometimes instead of being replaced it just needs a jump! Who or what are your “jumper cables?” I have found the best “brand” to be God and resting in His word. Unlike the car battery, we only get this one life with a God-given opportunity to recharge daily.


Balance is such an important part of this life. God wants us to enjoy the sweet moments of life and to cast all your burdens and cares on Him when things are not so sweet. If we put Him first, you will be amazed at how everything else in life just works out. It’s the sweetest and surest charge you could ever experience.

Last year, I literally allowed my “battery” to run almost completely without charge. I shut down and had to take time to restore, rejuvenate, reconnect, recharge. I vow to myself, God, and my family and friends to not allow myself to ever go there again.

This year, I am #simplytrustingHim and taking a queue from our car battery: balance. Trusting God fully(I am still a work in progress), seeking Him first, casting all my cares on Him.  Here’s to less worry and less stress when something doesn’t go as planned and more to live in the moment situations and relying on His word(battery charges). Drink that cup of expensive coffee, call off of work to spend time with your spouse, dance to your favorite song on repeat, travel the world, say “yes”” and “no” more often, find a favorite scripture and live it out, tell the people around you that you love them everyday, play with your kids, and trust God more.

Battery sufficiently charged.

Is your battery running low? Do you have a short circuit? Do you need a “jumpstart?” What or who are you connected to? God is the best brand of jumper cables you can invest in and connect to. What a blessing that His jumpstart is available to you on a daily basis.




16 thoughts on “Between the Circuits

      1. I’m not surprised you feel that way because you are such a light! That means you need to press into Him even more. Don’t ever ever stop what you are doing! You are a blessing to so many. Don’t ever forget that you have a light that no one can ever snuff out💕

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