Pursuing “It” Spotlight: Jacquel Tucker

Jacquel Tucker

Jacquel Tucker, owner of CoolStylz, Founder of The Jamaica Project USA and her newest venture, Global Hospitality Expert Solutions. Photo provided by Jacquel Tucker.



Born in Jamaica, she was awarded a full academic scholarship to attend the University of Maine in Orono, ME. She loves the Hospitality Industry. She is also the Owner of CoolStylz which is an Online Women’s Boutique Store and the Founder of The Jamaica Project USA. The Jamaica Project USA is a cause dedicated to providing basic needs to rural communities in Jamaica while sharing the love of Jesus Christ. This cause strongly focuses on older residents in those rural communities that are no longer able to work and focuses on inspiring kids and youths. The children are the future of our communities and ultimately our world. We want to do our part to ensure they become the bright, shining starts they are destined to be. Jacquel and her husband, Shun travel to Jamaica several times a year to do missionary work in the rural communities.

Jacquel has recently felt led to purse her passion of hospitality and creating a business merging both of her passions. Here’s a little bit about her new venture, Global Hospitality -Expert Solutions!



Jacquel’s Company Name: Global Hospitality Expert Solutions

Jacquel’s Title: Founder & Managing Partner

What we do: We are a hospitality consulting company that provides consulting, sales training and task force solutions for hotels in the USA and Internationally.

Why Jacquel Started This Company: I have been a Sales Leader in the Hotel Industry for over 20 years. I was at a crossroads wondering how I could more effectively use my skills and time to positively impact the lives of others. Most of my days were filled with countless meetings, numerous reports and resolving issues. I wanted to make my days more purposeful and to be in a position to be able to do more for others. I wanted the possibilities to be limitless and remove the ceiling so I started my own company. I feel God has been preparing me for this my whole life and now he can really use me as he intended. I am now in a position to create job opportunities for others and build a female minority owned company that embodies a true culture of giving back and helping others realize their dreams.

Jacquel’s greatest blessing/outcome from her trials: Coming from a rural community in Jamaica to being a Director of Sales & Marketing in the Hotel Industry to now owning my own company has not been an easy road. I have had to work hard to be the best in my field, especially being a black female. My experiences have taught me endurance, resilience consistency, and the greatest outcome is that I have learnt to totally trust and rely on God.


If you are interested in any of Jacquel’s businesses, want to support her, and/or want further information, check out the links below:

CoolStylz Online Women’s Boutique: http://www.coolstylz.com/

The Jamaica Project USA: http://www.thejamaicaprojectusa.org/

Global Hospitality Expert Solutions: http://www.gheshospitality.com/



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