Pursuing “IT”

Often times we wonder if our “IT” is worth pursuing or going through the hassle of all the trials. We think that our “IT” doesn’t matter or is not valuable, but it is!

Join You Are Full of It as we spotlight ordinary people that decided to turn their greatest trials into their greatest blessings. We all have a purpose/gift and are all placed on this Earth for a specific reason. You may not be operating in your “IT” right now but you have this gut feeling that you should be. Whether it is becoming a business owner, a mom or dad, a nurse, an author, starting a non-profit, or any other “it” that drives you to wake up everyday- you can do it!

It is my hope that this Pursu”IT” spotlight help to encourage you along your journey of being or becoming “Full of It!”

Check out these people that are “Pursing It!”






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