Pursuing “It” Spotlight: Ashli Ognelodh

Ashli Ognelodh

Ashli Ognelodh of Owner of Oggy’s P-arty! Photo provided by Ashli Ognelodh.


Hello! My name is Ashli Ognelodh and I am the owner of Oggy’s P-Arty mobile art party company! We take the party out of the studio and bring it to any place of your personal convenience. I started the company in 2014.
I had been previously working for other studios. The first studio I worked for, I worked very hard and quickly became the head of operations as far as maintaining the artistic business aspect of the studio. In January of 2013, God kept telling me that I would be moving on soon. I was hurt because I loved my job and I loved what I was doing. I continued to work there and finally in June of 2013 the Lord told me my time had come to leave. I put in my notice to leave and without notice by July of the same year the company went under. Well in the same year another company saw the things that I was doing with the previous studio and hired me to orchestrate their entire program. I started their studio from the ground up; utilization of my contacts, pictures, etc…then one day there was a party scheduled and I wasn’t aware of it. They had replaced me with someone cheaper without telling me and told me that if I was willing to come down on my pricing they would keep me. I was hurt and infuriated. Needless to say now that company is no longer in business.
After that incident God placed it on me to start my own business. I remember stating that I didn’t have a building and He replied you will do this as a mobile service and it will work! The company is still growing, but I am so thrilled with the experience and the people I have met and the joy that I have been able to experience everyday. I not only get to do something I love, but I get to encourage people creatively and bring joy to them as well. I literally provide a service of peace and happiness to others.
To me being a peace or joy in a chaotic world is gift that I am grateful the Lord uses me to be a vessel in.
Ashli “Oggy” Ognelodh
Ashli “AO/Oggy” Ognelodh is an Atlanta based artist and muralist. She has been perfecting her artistic craft since the age of 6. Ashli attended Georgia State University where she furthered her artistic education and received her B.A. in Art Studio. AO has been a recipient of the Chelko Art Foundation Scholarship, a feature artist in the Hammonds House Silent Art Auction hosted by the Bill Lowe Gallery, as well as a feature artist at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport exhibition, and most recently selected as a RAW artist to showcase her talents. Ashli’s mural work can be found in establishments around the city of Atlanta such as Bobcat of Atlanta and other commercial and various residential spaces.
For more information or to contact Ashli “Oggy”  “AO” to book a mobile art party http://www.oggysp-arty.com/ or for her private artwork, http://www.aoartwork.com/ .
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