You Are Full of It Missionaries: Our Family of 5 Missions Journey!

Recently we were led by God to take a missions trip in July 2017 . We are a family of 5, with 3 toddlers, yes 3! Our kiddos are 2 year old twins and our 3 year old daughter. And yes, we went on our first mission trip. A lot of people have asked how it was doing missions with 3 toddlers so we decided to share our journey. I will document from start to end as we prepared, fundraised, packed, served, and returned home from a life-changing mission trip. Read along to see how it was serving in the missions field with our 3 littles from start to end!

The next post, “Why Missions” will give you some insight as to why we said “Yes” to missions! Join us on our journey. We hope that it will encourage you to take your own!

train up a child in the wayYAFOI
Photo Credit: Courtney Barnett