Why Missions?

Summer 2017 Family Pic. Photo Credit: Courtney Barnett

We are a family of 5, with 3 toddlers ages, yes 3! Our kiddos are 2 year old twins and our 3 year old daughter. And yes, we went on our first mission trip. Follow along from start to end as we prepared, fundraised, packed, served, and returned home from a life-changing mission trip.

WHY MISSIONS? Making our final decision to say “Yes” to Missions

During fundraising, I felt let to share the “Why” behind us choosing to decide to go on a missions trip with our three toddlers. This is a letter that I shared on Facebook during our fundraising efforts to sum up our final decision.

“So as many of you know we are fundraising to go on a Mission Trip to Salter’s Hill, Jamaica this Summer! We are beyond excited and looking forward to serving. Many automatically think vacation, sand, beaches, and resorts when you hear Jamaica. However, trust me, step about a mile down the road from the resorts and it’s a whole other world. A world where there are people hustling on the streets just to make ends meet. A world where children are walking miles to school, that is if their parents can even afford the school supplies and uniforms required in order to even attend school. A world where most people make on average $60 a week to feed their families and pay for gas to take those long drives into the plush, luxurious “resort” world that we American’s tend to picture.

So a few weeks ago ,we were asked, one of multiple times, if we would consider going on this mission trip and most times we were asked we said no. But for some reason, this last time, we clearly knew we needed to go. Didn’t know how, didn’t have the total funds, but knew if God wants us to go, all we needed to do was say “yes.” We thought about the kids and what that would look like, having a 3 year- old and 2 year -old twins traveling and ministering and were so excited. Our kids have a spirit about each of them that is so full of joy, laughter, happiness, and excitement. We know that in their own way, they will be able to instill hope and encouragement into people of all ages.

Many may be thinking our kids are too young to be missionaries. We think you are never too young to share the love and joy that you have to help lead people to Christ. How powerful would it be for a child to see our family that was grown via adoption to know that there is hope that one day they will be a part of a family too.

Every year we usually take a vacation to Florida but decided this year to use our time and money to serve. The total cost of the mission trip is outside of our financial scope so this is the reasoning for our fundraising efforts. We will be helping to host a vacation bible school, ministering to the orphans, providing support to the local community surrounding Robin’s Nest called Salter’s Hill, along with helping to restore a staff restroom that currently is in poor condition.

There is a scripture Proverbs 22:6, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he gets older he will not depart from it.” We are doing just that, teaching our children about new cultures, how to serve and think about others, as well as training them to be leaders to one-day transform communities. We do this on a local level as well by hosting past coat drives and plan on continuing to expose the kids to various serving opportunities. The current iconic leaders that we know so well today were once children that experienced and witnessed different life events that shaped and molded them to become presidents, activists, advocates, pastors, speakers, doctors, educators, and entrepreneurs. We don’t know what path God will take our children on, but we do know that we as parents will expose and equip them the best we can to lead a life that will not just benefit themselves but somehow touch others’ lives too.

Thank you for your support in funding our mission trip and helping to develop and shape 3 future adults that will one-day have an impact in transforming communities.”


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Photo Credit: Courtney Barnett


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